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wants order to be: parahgraph > photo > link or embedded: video of award that serves to frame what she is doing > interview link or embedded 


  1. photo (high rez)

  2. text for paragraph

  3. link to Colorado and Company interview (and embedded is preferred - if not too slow)

  4. link to award YouTube video (and embedded is preferred - if not too slow)

  5. improve layout once have all elements

  6. DONE: Our Story is darker font

  7. DONE: paragraph is larger font

Our Story

It all started with...  (NOTE 1: frame the concept of 'entrepreneur.'  The business started in September 2019 when her favorite soap company went out of business.  She wanted to start her own – something good for you and the environment.  She sells online and through Etsy, FB, Instagram, IG (?), but she wants to expand.  Per Heather, currently all sales going thru Etsy and that has been clunky.)  (NOTE 2:  all natural, scented with essential oils, hand-made, good for you and environment.)

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